Strategic Tax Consulting

Strategic tax consulting focuses specifically on your business needs.  RC Jones and Associates wants to know you and your business needs in order to make pinpoint financial recommendations. Compliance with constantly changing tax law and legislation is a moving target. Client service must be made specific to best accommodate our role in helping your business with these tax services: 

  • Preparation
  • Planning
  • Problems

Preparation for tax reporting involves precise and organized recordkeeping. A professional financial managerial team will have the documentation at their fingertips to be exact in preparing tax documents for filing. Planning of comprehensive tax strategies can assist in legally reducing your tax liability. Additionally, this can allow you to meet your tax obligations but you’ll know that you are paying the lowest tax possible. Of course, problems more often arise when businesses or individuals attempt to go forward using personal advice of unknowing friends or family. These often well intentioned people do not know the current details of tax law. 

With strategic tax consulting from RC Jones and Associates, you can rest assured that we have your best interests at heart. As always, we want to know you and understand the vision you hold for your business. This enables us to be very specific about your tax strategy.

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