IRS Problem Resolution

IRS problem resolution should be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • IRS Notices
  • Wage garnishments
  • Unfiled taxes
  • IRS Audits 

If any of the above IRS problems trouble you, then you need to reach out immediately for professional assistance. At RC Jones and Associates, our goal is to help you get this off your mind and help solve prior tax controversies. We understand you have a life to live, so our team will help determine the appropriate actions. After accessing the current situation, we can make specific recommendations and assist with paperwork and negotiations, as needed.

As you may already know, ignoring problems with the IRS will only make matters worse. Whether you are encountering difficulties with current tax problems or the controversy stems from years of inattention, our professionals can help. We dedicate ourselves to our clients  – individuals, small businesses to large corporations we aim to help with fines, penalties and any troublesome tax issues.

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